Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tim Holtz June 2013 tag

I did another Tim Holtz tag for Swap-Bot. Coincidentally I have the person who sent me the tag that they made for May. So I'm excited to return the favor. I really liked using the watercolor Distress pens because I suck at normal watercolors. The were totally pricey, but I sold off some of my possessions to buy them, so I feel less guilty. I've already used them more than 95% of my other craft stuff.

Ocean party!



  1. Lol - I know what it feels like to sacrifice on certain things (like chocolate and nights out to buy Distress Markers!!!) I loved that you said that you sold off some of your posessions to buy them! Loved the whale, I love whales! Your tag is gorgeous - congrats!

  2. Thank you for the nice tag, Megan!